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Canine Physio & Fitness

For all things canine fitness!

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The Canine Fitness App

Learn more about the Canine Fitness App
The Canine Fitness App is a versatile tool designed to support canine conditioning for all types of dogs! This goes for pet dogs, sports dogs, working dogs. All dogs are included and encouraged to take part in conditioning. The fitness plans can be tailored to each dog’s individual needs, whether all they do is play a bit of fetch at the local field, or for high performance sports and working dogs. The app offers multiple courses people can complete with their dog. All our courses have an element of theory and learning, before moving on to showing you the exercises to complete. Some of our courses just offer individual exercises to learn as skills, whereas others will have full workout routines included. 

Become A K9PT!

This course is perfect for those looking to start working with dogs, maybe as a dog enthusiast looking for a complete change of career, as this course will guide you through everything. However, it's also great for many canine professionals such as pet dog trainers, sports dog trainers, hydrotherapists, massage therapists etc. As more and more people now look for Canine Conditioning services close to them, you could be the very first in your area! 

Want to learn more about the course?

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