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All Our Online Services & Prices

What option will work best for you? 

This question can be answered by your thirst for knowledge. How much do you like to understand WHY you’re doing what you’re doing? 


All of our canine fitness services are currently offered online.


Canine Conditioning is suitable for all dogs, whether they are pet dogs, sports dogs or working dogs. All can benefit from conditioning to help keep them as fit and healthy as possible, reducing the risk of injury, giving them more mental and physical stimulation, protecting them as they go into older age and also helping to build a bond with them. We can condition healthy dogs who either do not have any clinical conditions or injuries, or have completed a rehabilitation program and have been signed off by a veterinary professional, including physiotherapist or hydrotherapist. We can also offer remote physiotherapy sessions if that is something you require.


Services available:

- 1-2-1 sessions 

- The Canine Fitness App

- The Canine Fitness Groundwork Challenge 


1-2-1 Fitness Coaching

 Individual training plan created with our fitness coaches to suit your dog

- Full evaluation and assessment of your dog to find any areas that may be weaker than others

- Exercises tailored to improve areas your dog may need to work on

- Full attention on you and your dog from one of our fitness coaches

- Exercises built around the fitness equipment you already own or advice on which equipment would suit you and your dog most

- Exercises tailored to your dogs sport or job

Want to book a FREE discovery call to find out if this is right for you and your dog, and to find out pricing options?

The Canine Fitness App

The canine fitness app, a place to access all our available courses and teaching. The bonus of the app? You can learn anytime, anywhere! 


What's included when you subscribe to our app?


  • Access to ALL our core courses PLUS bonus content

  • Jump into our private Facebook group so that you can get advice from experts. Helping you to stay accountable, and see everyone working with their dogs together! Feel supported and chat with other like-minded people.

  • Downloadable content, including training planners, basic anatomy, exercises etc. 

  • In-app tracking to help you track your progress with different exercises and sports too! 

  • In-app community

  • No need to download, this is a hybrid app so it won't take up any space on your phone! And this also means it's accessible on your desktop too. 

  • Videos to watch back of each exercise so you have no need to worry about “Am I doing this right?”, "Is their form correct?" etc. You can watch the exercises back real time as you're doing them for extra guidance!

  • Fresh content added regularly

All this for just £29.99 a month!

Read more about our app here.

Canine Physio & Fitness App Courses End.png

The Canine Fitness Groundwork Challenge

Our Canine Fitness Groundwork Challenge has been developed to help improve your dogs form & fitness, reducing the risk of injury while building an even stronger bond with your dog. It’s not just for sports dogs! Pet dogs & working dogs are really highly encouraged to take part too! It is run over the course of 6 weeks, and you are fully coached throughout those 6 weeks. You get access to our Groundwork Course on The Canine Fitness App for life! But it’s way more than just that.


What’s included with The Canine Fitness Groundwork Challenge?

✅  Constant Coaching via our Facebook group & Messenger/Whatsapp/Instagram through the 6 weeks. You can contact me at anytime on the platform above that suits you best.

✅  Group Coaching Calls on Thursday or Friday of weeks 1, 2, 4 & 5 at 7pm GMT

✅  Assessments on weeks 3 & 6 to personalise your plan to ensure your dog is getting exactly what they need

✅  Free Exercise Guide Cheat Sheet & other downloadable & printable content! 

✅  Access to our private Facebook group so that you stay accountable, and can see everyone working with their dogs together! As well as post photos & videos for extra help & guidance.

✅  Lifetime access to the Groundwork Course, which includes theory as well as exercises

✅ 6 weeks of access to our targeting course

✅ Access our app on tablet, desktop or mobile!



All of the above is over £500 at RRP. 

However you pay just £199.99 for the full 6 weeks! That's 60% off!

If you wish to know when the next date of the Groundwork Challenge is please contact us. 

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